Our Unique Services

1. Design your Package

Design a full package to multiple destinations on the world map just in few minutes

Design a package that includes all travel-related services, and book it through one payment. Using the star of our technology, you can draw an itinerary of 20 destinations on the world map and edit their order however you like. You can also redesign it easily in case the client wanted to add, amend, or cancel anything.

2. Road Trip

Design spectacular car journeys

Design car journeys based on your client’s desires; locally, or to nearby destinations. They can also travel to a specific country and start their journey from there. Either with their own car or a rented one, clients can choose places to stop by only and others to stay in, all designed easily and simply on a map.


Our Unique Features

1. B2C Price Comparison

Compare hotel room prices with other competitive B2C platforms

To help you decide on a suitable profit margin, Travel United provides you with a function that allows you to directly compare prices with other B2C competitor platforms.

2. Lockable Flights

Lock a seat and price

No need to be worried about losing a good deal when you cannot make an immediate ticket issuance for your client. On Travel United, some flights’ prices can be locked till a certain date with the ability to issue the tickets later.

3. Save & Share Package

Save, reuse, share and promote packages through WhatsApp, Facebook, email, or other social media platform

Why work on a package from scratch every single time, when you can simply save the package you already made and re-use it for other potential clients? Travel United even empowers you to share the package and promote it as your own product with just one click through WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, or email.

4. Price Drop Alert

Never miss a price drop

Activate the price drop alert before saving any service and impress your clients with great deals.

5. TU Selected Hotels

A list of high-quality recommended hotels

Whether your client is concerned about location, style, design, or service; Travel United offers you an extraordinary list of hotels that our destination and hotel experts have personally tried, rated, and cross-compared. You can find them under "TU Choice" in the filter section.

6. Map with clear searches

Draw routes on the world map

Select destinations and draw itineraries with only a few clicks on the map of the world, which will help you decide on the most suitable route for your client.

7. Toggle

Reorder cities in a package with one click

The "Toggle" button saves you the troublesome process of redoing the package when your clients want to change the order of destinations. Just click “Toggle “and drag-drop cities on your list to redraw your itinerary with no effort.

8. Nego fares

Display special flight deals using the “Nego fares” filter

9. Auto Selection

Recommended option by the system

As you search for some services such as "Flight + Hotel" and "Design Your Package", the system will automatically select an option based on a specific criteria (duration, price, arrival and departure time for flights; star rating, reviews, price and distance to center for hotels) to help you find a suitable choice effortlessly.

10. Magic Box

After making a reservation, the "Magic Box" feature allows you to offer other services available on Travel United for the client to enjoy before, during or after the initial service dates.

Italian Countryside

Our Advanced Features

1. Shortlisting

Mark your favorite options

Create your own ultimate list of favorite hotels or Things to Do on Travel United and avoid looking through the options every single time.

2. Refundable Prices

A filter that displays refundable hotel rooms only

3. Multi Flights

Add up to 8 flights in one booking

4. Multi Hotels

Add as many hotels as you need in one booking

5. Customer Reviews

Average reviews from B2C platforms on hotels

Travel United provides the average rating of hotel reviews taken from different B2C platforms such as Booking, Trivago, and Tripadvisor.

6. Fare Families

A filter that displays only the flights with multiple fares

7. Deferred Payment

Book now, pay later

For most of our services, you will be allowed to book now and pay later depending on the cancellation policy.

8. Practical “Filter” and “Order by” features

Find the exact result you are looking for

Travel United offers a wide range of options, but by using our perfectly designed filter and "order by" feature, you can drill down to your needs with ease. Just like a Rubik cube, our filter is super flexible and has endless options. It will save your time and connect you to reliable search results.

Small Street in Japan

Extra Benefits

1. One-Stop-Shop

Travel agents can browse, manage, and book all travel-related services including flights, accommodation, things to do, transfers, car rental, Road trip and ready-made packages based on either destination or theme, as well as the star of our platform ‘Design your Package’

2. Brochures and Vouchers

Detailed, Auto-generated, dynamic, and branded brochures & vouchers with your logo.

Using Travel United you do not have to type a single word! In just one click, print your auto-generated fully detailed vouchers or brochures branded with your own logo

3. Guaranteeing best options by Crawling

The system searches between our wide range of suppliers to get you the best prices, not only by hotel name, but goes deeper even into specific room type, travel class, or any other service.

4. Offer and Book Chartered Flights

 Companies that operate chartered flights can offer their services on TU for other agencies to book

5. Fare Rules

Access fare rules directly on Travel United as they are accurately taken from the GDS

6. Seat Selection

Choose the client’s desired seat on the aircraft

7. Frequent Flyer Program

Directly add the clients’ FF number to the flight booked on Travel United

8. Special Services on Flight

Arrange a wide range of special services for your clients' flights such as mobility assistance, special meals, etc…

9.  Live Chat

24/7 Support

Travel United provides 24/7 live chat that serves all of your needs handled by professional agents

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